XENUS D2S Xenon Headlight Ballast, Replacement for Mitsubishi Electric W3T19371

Model W3T19371
Item Number 119371
Content 1 piece

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XENUS D2S W3T19371 Xenon Ballast
Replacement Ballast for Mitsubishi-Electric

1200V DC / 85V AC 35W Nom., 2000h, for all D2R D2S
Gas discharge lamp/Bulbs/Ballast/Control Unit

​Part number:
Acura/Honda: 33119-TA0-003, 33129-TM8-J01, 33119-SEP-H01, 33119-STK-A01, 33119-SAA-013
8301C042, 8301C043, 8301A769, MR991269
W3T19371, X6T02981, W3T11371, W3T10471, W3T15671
Mazda: D530510H3
Suzuki: 35261-65J00 - 3526165J00

​​Suitable for:
Acura, Citroën, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Motors, Peugeot, Suzuki

List of vehicle models can be found under "Technical Specifications"

Because it is a simple control unit and not a programmable control unit, is the exchange 1 to 1 without coding from the workshop.

These ballast units feature the latest technology.
Using the latest electronics, capable of ensuring that output voltage remains absolutely stable and delivers high peak performance, the units are more powerful and the xenon burner frequently produces slightly more light compared to commonly-used, older xenon ballast models.

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