A3 8V 2012-2016


Audi A3 8V Xenon & LED
Build year 2012 - 2016

Type of xenon lamp: D3S - Please click here to select suitable bulbs

8K0.941.597 8K0.941.597 E 8K0.941.597 C 8K0.941.597 B 1036060024 H05/S0002 1036060051 HX05/SX008 1036060061 H01/SX001 W003T18471 W003T22071 W003T20171 W003T22073 4UM 154367/00 5DF 011 094-00 - 7PP941472 7PP941472A 7PP941472B 5DF 011 094-01 - 7PP941472C 5DF 011 094-02 - 7PP941472D 5DF 011 094-03 - 7PP941472E 5DF 011 094-04 - 7PP941472F 5DF 011 094-05 - 7PP941472G 5DF 011 094-06 - 7PP941472H 5DF 011 094-07 - 7PP941472J 5DF 011 094-08 - 7PP941472K 4G0.907.397.P 4G0.907.397.D 4G0.907.697.D 4G0.907.397.R 4G0.907.397.Q 8V0 907 463 9MN011184-00 AA BLOM2325D-A03 9MN011184-03 AC BLOM2325D-A09 8V0 907 463A 9MN011184-02 AA BLOM2325D-A04 9MN011184-04 AC BLOM2325D-A10 4H0 941 329 5DF010114-10 8P0941621

Is your xenon or LED control unit faulty? We can supply you with ORIGINAL spare parts and suitable accessories. For each vehicle, the latest models are purchased by the manufacturer from different suppliers, which look different from the installed ones or have a different part number. The functions are the same and they work just as reliably. The performance is also not impaired.

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