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XENUS LED und Xenon Ballast


Athttps://www.lichtex.de/en/control-unit/xenus/, our online store stocks Xenus ballasts, which will win you over with the latest technologies. They are inexpensive and can be used as a replacement for devices by many well-known manufacturers. Thanks to the stable output voltage, a considerable peak power can be guaranteed. Under certain circumstances, they achieve a higher light output than many conventional, older Xenon ballast models. The fact that these ballasts feature a very simple design and do not have to be programmed so that the ballast exchange can take place without a repair shop appointment for said programming is also a big plus..

Much like the XENUS Ballast 6G D1S Xenon ballast - control unit/ ballast/ centralina -, which can be used as a replacement for the Valeo Ballast 6G LAD6G 89034934 89076976 89032336. It offers an average service life of 2000 hours and can be used with all D1R, D1S, D2R, and D2S systems. This ballast is suitable for certain vehicle models by Audi, BMW, Seat, Volvo, or VW, for example. A detailed list of vehicle models can be found under the heading "Technical data."

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