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Mitsubishi-Electric Xenon Ballast


The word Mitsubishi is composed of the Japanese words "mitsu" and "hishi," meaning "three lozenges". The company was created out of a shipping company that was founded in 1870, which began to operate under the Mitsubishi name from 1873 onwards. The corporation has since expanded its lines of business to banking, trading, and real estate as well.

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation was established on January 15, 1921, and is based in Tokyo, Japan. Starting in 1930, the production of elevators, escalators, and power generators was launched. From 1960 onwards, environmentally friendly production techniques were used. Mitsubishi has become one of the world's leading electronics manufacturers; among other things, the company was able to launch the first LED screen on the market. This company operates 142 branches, 74 production sites, and 8 development centers and has a total of more than 106,000 employees. The company is divided into several areas, including Building Systems, Industrial Automation, Solar Systems, and Automotive Equipment, which includes starters, light machines, audio systems, and ballasts for gas discharge lamps, for example.

On the page, you can check out many ignitions and ballasts by Mitsubishi. Xenon ballasts are predominantly used by premium brands such as BMW, VW, Audi and Mercedes.

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