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Our high-quality HID KIT adapters are used for upgrading conventional halogen headlights to advanced Xenon lamps. These adapters replace the original lamp fitting or the mount and thus allow for the easy mounting of Xenon headlights. You need two adapters for each upgrade; installing the HID KIT adapters is very easy thanks to their uncomplicated design.

As part of our large range of HID KIT adapters, you will find a wide variety of different models that are suitable for different vehicle types. When making your purchase, you will need to make sure that the lamp fitting that you have used thus far is compatible with your chosen product. The item with the XENUS Hela-1 H7 Xenon HID retrofit kit adapter designation is suitable for a variety of vehicle models from the Audi A2, A3, A4, A6, and A8 to the BMW 5 and the BMW X5 series to various models by Citroen, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Seat, VW, and Passat.

If you need help finding the right HID KIT adapter (HID = High Intensity Discharge = High Pressure Gas Discharge Lamp), please just contact us. We will be at your disposal in order to assist you in the upgrade of your halogen headlights to modern Xenon technology.

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