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Continental Ballast


Over the years, Continental AG has evolved from a tire manufacturer into one of the most famous automotive suppliers worldwide, which employs around 220,000 people. One of the focus areas of this German corporation is electronic car systems that are used in the interior of cars. These include brake and tire pressure systems, driver-assistance systems, acceleration sensors as well as ballasts and headlight power moduls for Xenon bulbs for example.

In the development of ballast for Xenon bulbs or LED headlights, Continental uses high-quality semiconductors for controlling and switching currents and voltages. In automotive electronics, these ballasts are used to ensure the reliable operation of the headlights and moreover have a significant influence on the energy consumption of the lighting system.

As part of our wide range of ballasts and headlight power moduls you will find high-quality models, which can be installed in different vehicles. For example, the Continental Full LED headlight ballast is suitable for the Mercedes-Benz models of the E-Class C207, A207, W212, V212, S212, or the CLS Class C218 and X218 and makes for the optimal lighting of both the road and traffic environment. In addition, you will also find BMW 5 Series LED headlight modules as well as partial LED ballasts for the Mercedes Benz models W212 and W207 here. If you are looking for a specific ballast, do not hesitate to contact us. We are hereto support and advise you.

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