Xenon D2S Fitting


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Xenon D2S Bulb


The letter "D" in Xenon bulbs D2S stands for "discharge," the number "2" indicates the respective design version, and "S" indicates the particular glass bulb type. S-version bulbs are used for spotlights with lens systems. D2S type bulbs are made up of the socketed bulbs themselves and are operated using a nominal voltage of 85 volts. Replacing them with a D4 bulb makes no sense because the correct operating voltage would no longer be present. Xenon D2S bulbs are predominantly used by various premium brands such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz.

Our online store is able to offer you the D2S Xenarc - 66240XNB Nightbreaker by Osram in a handy duo box, for example – this is the world's brightest Xenon automotive bulb. These bulbs achieve a light yield that is up to 70% higher and make for a light beam on the road that is up to 20 meters longer. Thanks to the modern Xenon technology, these bulbs produce up to 5% more white light. Click here, https://www.lichtex.de/en/xenon/d2s-socket/,on our page and let yourself be amazed by our wide range of Xenon D2S bulb fittings. For further information, you can simply refer to our customer-service hotline. Please call +49 (0) 6241/498505 to contact our competent staff from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.