Xenon D1R Fitting

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Xenon D1R Bulb


The letter "D" in Xenon bulbs D1R stands for "discharge"and indicates that this is a gas discharge lamp - The number "1" indicates that it is the first design version of the Xenon D1R type. The letter "R" stands for the respective glass bulb type. A Xenon D1R bulb fitting is suitable for Xenon bulbs for headlamps with a reflector system. In contrast to the paraboloid headlight, there is no diffuser disc. The entire illumination is based on a special design of the reflector, wherefore closure lids made of clear glass or scratch-resistant plastic are hence possible. The whole reflector is subdivided into sub-segments by means of computer controls. This allows for optimal alignment and illumination of the roadway, because the light is always directed downwards.

Find a suitable bulb for your vehicle in our store at https://www.lichtex.de/en/xenon-light-bulb-bombila-lamp/d1r-fitting/. For each bulb, we provide you with detailed price information, a brief explanation as well as the corresponding technical data. How about the low-cost PHILIPS D1R XenStart, the Xenon standard 4100 K replacement bulb that produces a yellowish-white light? It has been approved for road traffic according to ECE R37 StVZO, requires a nominal voltage of 85 volts with a rated power of 35 watts, and provides an average service life of 3000 hours. Or how about the OSRAM Xenarc D1R 66154CBI - Cool Blue Intense, which provides 20% more light?

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