P21W PHILIPS VisionPlus

Model 12498VPB2
Item Number 124985
Content 2 piece

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PHILIPS VisionPlus
Feel safe, drive safe

Product benefits
+ Superior Quality
+ Enhanced visibility
+ Increased visibility
+ More light

Superior Quality with enhanced visibility
VisionPlus lamps produce more powerful light output compared to standard. VisionPlus is the performance choice for safety-conscious drivers. Offering high performance and excellent value, it is the right choice for demanding drivers.

More powerful light output

Brake lighting is visible earlier thanks to a more powerful light output. The following vehicle's braking distance can be reduced by up to 3 metres at 60 mph (100 km/h).

Vision Plus lamps are available in the following models: H1, H4, H7, P21W, P21/5W, WBT10

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