OSRAM D2S 66240CLC XENARC electronic CLASSIC Xenon Bulb

Model 66240CLC
Item Number 662406
Content 1 piece

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Perfect design, perfect white with 4000K, 1500h

Product benefits
+ Wide product range
+ Impressive intensity
+ Daylight similar color temperature

Innovation with intelligent technology
The ongoing development of our products and their reliable, certified Quality make OSRAM one of the leading light suppliers for the automobile industry. Benefit from our experience as a manufacturer of original equipment and use the same high Quality bulbs 1:1 to replace your automotive lights – with the OSRAM ORIGINAL bulbs portfolio. OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE products have proven themselves in standard use a million times over. Rely on products of OEM Quality at an excellent price to performance ratio.

More visibility, greater safety
+ 100% more light than halogen lamps and 300% greater luminous efficacy
+ With 4150 Kelvin a light similar color temperature than OEM halogen light (3200K)

Xenarc CLASSIC - gas discharge lamps are available in the following models: D1S, D1R, D2S, D2R, D3S, D4S

Technical data
Completely certified, compatible with existing systems.

The average settling-in period amounts approx 75h.

Model         Norm   Base         Volt   Watt   Lebensdauer   Kelvin  
66140CLC    D1S PK32d-2 85V 35W 2.500h 4150K
66240CLC D2S P32d-2 85V 35W 2.500h 4150K
66340CLC D3S PK32d-5 42V 35W 2.500h 4150K
66440CLC D4S P32d-5 42V 35W 2.500h 4150K
66150CLC D1R PK32d-3 85V 35W 2.500h 4150K
66250CLC D2R P32d-3 85V 35W 2.500h 4150K

Important information for customers who want to replace just one lamp
As the luminous color and light efficiency of xenon changes over time, old xenon bulbs are different from new ones. (Source: Philips, the inventors of the xenon lamp).

The reasons for this are that:
Xenon bulbs are in fact gas-discharge lamps, which are filled with a gas mixture. Their characteristics depend on the gas density of the xenon bulb. Over time, some gas always escapes from the xenon bulb, thereby changing the color temperature and the light efficiency. In other words, as the lamp gets older, its luminous color becomes bluer and its light efficiency is reduced.

That’s why we, and all xenon car lamp manufacturers, recommend always replacing xenon bulbs in pairs.

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