H15 OSRAM Original Line - Original spare parts Product of second choice

Model 64176 H15 B-Ware
Item Number 996627
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OSRAM Original Line - DUO-Pack
Original spare parts

Product benefits
+ OEM Quality
+ Wide product range
+ Reliable Quality
+ Original spare parts

The cost-effective original spare parts
OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE halogen lamps offer convincing performance for standard requirements, are robust and cost-effective. They have already been successfully used in millions of new cars from renowned manufacturers, whether as standard initial equipment or original spare parts.

OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE | Halogen headlight lamps for cars
Convince yourself of the excellent value for money, the reliable OEM Quality and the wide product range of the ORIGINAL LINE.

OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE - halogen bulbs are available in the Following models:
H1, H2, H3, H4, H7, H8, H8B, H9, H9B, H10, H11, H11B, H13, H15, H16, H27/1W, H27/2W, HB2, HB3, HB3A, HB4, HB4A, HB5, R2, HIR2


Product of second choice, New, unused article. The original packaging may no longer be available or opened.

Technical data
Completely certified, compatible with existing systems.

Model         Norm   Base         Volt   Watt   Lebensdauer   Kelvin  
64150 H1 P14.5s 12V 55W 525h 3200K
64173 H2 X511 12V 55W 170h 3200K
64151 H3 PK22s 12V 55W 525h 3200K
64193 H4 P43t 12V 60/55W   375h/650h 3200K
94193 H4 P43t 12V 60/55W 400h/800h 3200K
64210 H7 PX26d 12V 55W 440h 3200K
64210L H7 PX26d 12V 55W 690h 3200K
64212 H8 PGJ19-1 12V 35W 600h 3200K
64242 H8B PGJY19-1   12V 35W 600h 3200K
64213 H9 PGJ19-5 12V 65W 375h 3200K
64243 H9B PGJY19-5   12V 65W 375h 3200K
9145RD H10 PY20d 12V 42W 1.290h 3200K
64211L+ H11 PGJ19-2 12V 55W 1.500h 3200K
64211 H11 PGJ19-2 12V 55W 465h 3200K
64241 H11B PGJY19-2   12V 55W 465h 3200K
64178 H13 P26.4t 12V 60/55W 260h/1.940h 3200K
64176 H15 PGJ23t-1 12V 55/15W 3.000h/375h 3200K
64219L+ H16 PGJ19-3 12V 19W 1.555h 3200K
880 H27/1W   PG13 12V 27W   3200K
881 H27/2W PGJ13 12V 27W   3200K
9003L HB2 P43t 12V 60/55W 525h/1.250h 3200K
9005 HB3 P20d 12V 60W 415h 3200K
9005XS HB3A P20d 12V 60W 415h 3200K
9006L HB4 P22d 12V 51W 1.895h 3200K
9006XS HB4A P22d 12V 51W 1.290h 3200K
9007 HB5 PX29t 12V 65/55W 375h 3200K
64183 R2 P45t 12V 45/40W 375h/800h 3200K
9012 HIR2 PX22d 12V 55W 685h 3200K

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