H11 PHILIPS WhiteVision - Intense Xenon effect

Model 12362WHVB2
Item Number 123622
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PHILIPS WhiteVision +60% more visibility
Safety has never been so attractive

Product benefits
+ Up to 60% more vision
+ White Xenon effect
+ Greater contrast
+ Best-in-class lifetime
+ 100% road legal

Intense white Xenon effect
Philips WhiteVision lamps add an intense white Xenon look to your car headlights for a premium driving experience. The increased brightness with significantly whiter light makes them the perfect combination of style and safety.

A premium driving experience
Outperforming any blue car bulbs on the market, Philips WhiteVision headlights are the right choice for drivers who want to drive with style without compromising on safety. With a high colour temperature and a stylish white cap, WhiteVision is the ultimate upgrade for your headlamps. The Philips-patented third generation coating technology is an evolutionary masterpiece making WhiteVision the first headlamp with a truly white light.

WhiteVision lamps are available in the following models: H1, H3, H4, H7, H8, H11, HB3/9005, HB4/9006, W5W, T4W, H6W

Technical data
Completely certified, compatible with existing systems.

Model         Norm   Base         Volt   Watt   Lebensdauer   Kelvin  
12258WHV    H1 P14,5s 12V 55W 400h 4300K 
12336WHV H3 PK22s 12V 55W 400h 3700K
12342WHV H4 P43t-38 12V 60/55W   450h 4300K 
12972WHV H7 PX26d 12V 55W 450h 3700K
12360WHV H8 PGJ19-1 12V 35W 400h 3500K 
12362WHV H11 PGJ19-2 12V 55W 400h 3600K 
9005WHV HB3 P20d 12V 65W 400h 3700K 
9006WHV HB4 P22d 12V 55W 400h 3700K 
12961NBV W5W W2,1x9,5d   12V 5W 1.500h 3700K 
12929NBV T4W BA9s 12V 4W 875h 4300K
12036WHV H6W BAX9s 12V 6W 500h 3700K

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